We are the hub for budding NUS Entrepreneurs.

The NUS Entrepreneurship Society (NES) was founded in 1992 and has since grown to become one of the largest societies in NUS today. Our primary aim is to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship through our growing network of alumni, and develop entrepreneurial leaders.We organise international events that serve as platforms for the global start-up community, invite prominent entrepreneurs to conduct workshops, and provide opportunities through mentoring and networking sessions for the NUS community.

To fully immerse our members in the world of entrepreneurship, our society structure mimics that of start-ups. To achieve this, NES maintains a strong focus on innovation and delivering useful services to the community, with the society running on a self-sufficient budget.

Our services include organising international events that serve as platforms for the global start-up community, inviting prominent entrepreneurs to conduct workshops, and providing opportunities through mentoring and networking sessions. Through the society, capable NUS Students passionate about entrepreneurship get exposure to the intricate workings of the business community and gain access to seed funding from various tie-ups with NUS Enterprise and other Venture Capital firms.

Our Mission: To inspire and nurture entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow.

Think Global

Be equipped with global perspectives and understanding, to spot opportunities in an ever-changing business environment.

Build Networks

Connect with and make invaluable partners in building ideas together. Learn how to communicate with executives as executives and strike a deal.

Run Like A Co-Founder

Committee members all play a crucial part in the future of NES. As an entrepreneur yourself you will get to run NES and its events as though it was your own startup. Your success is our success, and we value it.

Our Team

President’s Committee

Helmed by the President, the President’s Committee oversees the direction of the club, manages the club’s external relations, and is responsible for identifying new opportunities to expand the club’s role and influence.

Through the work in the team, committee members acquire broader perspectives on the management and organisation of an entity not unlike that of a start-up, and develop proactive and opportunistic mindsets key to being a successful entrepreneur.

Global Committee

Lead by our Vice-President (Global), the Global Committee manages the club’s international outreach efforts. The flagship event, the Global Entrepreneurs’ Conference, reaches out to over 15 countries, engaging and bringing together like-minded youths from the Asia-Pacific region.

Committee members are given the chance to work on a wide range of tasks in a tight-knitted and motivated team, and are provided numerous opportunities to liaise with and work together with our external and international partners, and in turn, allowing them to build networks with and learn from the successes of the international entrepreneurs’ community. Members pick up valuable skills highly relevant to start-ups, such as marketing, liaison and event organisation.

Core Committee

With our Vice-President (Core) leading the way, the Core Committee’s focus is on the development of the entrepreneurial mindset in Singapore. The committee is responsible for its annual flagship event, the NEST Bootcamp, which aims to expose youths from secondary to tertiary institutions with a strong passion for entrepreneurship to the local start-up scene.

As part of the Core Committee, team members will work in a highly-motivated and well-bonded team to establish strong networks with our local partners. Through their work, members gain insights into the nature of the local entrepreneurship community and have first-hand opportunities to learn from the success of our partners. Along the way, members acquire valuable skills in the realms of marketing and event planning which are closely tied to the functions of start-ups.

Social Enterprise Committee

Headed by the Vice-President (Social Enterprise), the Social Enterprise is NES’ newest committee, which oversees the development of our upcoming Social Oven scheme, exposing passionate youths of all ages to the world of start-up and social entrepreneurship.

The Social Enterprise Committee provides an excellent opportunity for members to learn the workings of entrepreneurship while serving the community at large. Through close working with our partners engaged in the industry, members of the team pick up valuable internship skills for start-ups in the fields of marketing and organisation, and also gain an in-depth understanding of the Social Enterprise scene in Singapore.

Disclaimer: The NUS Entrepreneurship Society is registered with the Registry of Societies of Singapore. It is formed by students of the National University of Singapore (NUS) and is a self-governing body. NUS Entrepreneurship Society is not part of the legal entity of NUS. It does not represent NUS and cannot act or make any representation on its behalf. Any views or activities of NUS Entrepreneurship Society are solely those of the society and its members. They do not necessarily represent the position of NUS. The activities and views of NUS Entrepreneurship Society are the sole responsibilities of the society and of its members.