Mentorship Opportunities

Here at NES, we place an emphasis on the power of mentorship. We offer you the opportunity to link up with myriads of mentor partners, all of whom were either distinguished NES alumni or NUS alumni with a working passion for entrepreneurship.

Everyone begins somewhere—our mentors made it and are here to help you.

Find out more about a program that suits best below. If not, let us know your idea and we will get back to you with a mentor at the soonest.*

*Subject to approval and availability.

Special Mentorship Programs

NES has partnered with a variety of entrepreneurial development organizations to offer special mentorships. Members are welcome to apply.

Alternatively, let us help you connect with a mentor

Already have a plan in mind for your start-up, but seeking feedback and guidance on your progress? Share with us your idea (don’t worry, your info will be kept strictly confidential), and we can leverage our network of successful entrepreneurs to link you up with a NUS/NES alumni of relevant qualification and experience, to be your personal mentor!

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