Recruitment 17/18

What is NES

The NUS Entrepreneurship Society (NES) was founded in 1992 and has since grown to become one of the largest societies in NUS today. Our primary aim is to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship and develop entrepreneurial leaders.

Our Mission:

To inspire and nurture entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow.

What we do:

Organize international events that serve as platforms for entrepreneurial minds to learn from one another and grow.

Invite prominent entrepreneurs to conduct workshops, and provide opportunities through mentoring and networking sessions for the NUS community.

Help students within NUS to get exposure to the intricate workings of the business community and gain access to seed funding from various tie-ups with NUS Enterprise and other Venture Capital firms.

What’s in it for you:

Get to network with professionals from established companies such as Google and Facebook, accomplished entrepreneurs who had their companies acquired by large corporations

Pick up various skills such as marketing and business development through organizing large-scale events and activities

Mingle and mix with like-minded student entrepreneurs

Note: Application closes on 1 September 2017.

For more information on committee positions available and upcoming initiatives, check out our Recruitment Deck.

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Our Team

President’s Committee

Helmed by the President, the President’s Committee oversees the direction of the club, manages the club’s external relations, and is responsible for identifying new opportunities to expand the club’s role and influence.

The President Committee comprises of the President, Vice-Presidents and Assistant Vice-Presidents of the various divisions.

Global Committee

Lead by our Vice-President (Global), the Global Committee manages the club’s international outreach efforts. The flagship event, the Global Entrepreneurs’ Conference, reaches out to over 15 countries, engaging and bringing together like-minded youths from the Asia-Pacific region.

The Global Committee will be responsible for the club’s global outreach. Some projects include the Global Entrepreneurs’ Conference (also known as UniCon 2018 – University Conference).

Core Committee

With our Vice-President (Core) leading the way, the Core Committee’s focus is on the development of the entrepreneurial mindset in Singapore. The committee is responsible for its annual flagship event, the NEST Bootcamp, which aims to expose youths from secondary to tertiary institutions with a strong passion for entrepreneurship to the local start-up scene.

The Core Committee will be responsible for the club’s local outreach. Some projects would include the NEST Entrepreneurship Bootcamp and Internship Fair.

Social Enterprise Committee

Headed by the Vice-President (Social Enterprise), the Social Enterprise is NES’ newest committee, which oversees the development of our upcoming Social Oven scheme, exposing passionate youths of all ages to the world of start-up and social entrepreneurship.

The Social Enterprise division is essentially the heart of NES. Some of the projects include a series of social ventures and Social Oven.

Special Projects

Headed by the Vice-President (Special Projects), Special Projects is NES’ innovation arm. It represents our drive to keep up with the times and to constantly embark on new, challenging and innovative projects.

Some of its projects include NOC101 and Startup Grand Challenge.

Disclaimer: The NUS Entrepreneurship Society is registered with the Registry of Societies of Singapore. It is formed by students of the National University of Singapore (NUS) and is a self-governing body. NUS Entrepreneurship Society is not part of the legal entity of NUS. It does not represent NUS and cannot act or make any representation on its behalf. Any views or activities of NUS Entrepreneurship Society are solely those of the society and its members. They do not necessarily represent the position of NUS. The activities and views of NUS Entrepreneurship Society are the sole responsibilities of the society and of its members.