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Starting Out?

  • General Information

    Common Start Up Terms

    Starting out in exploring the start-up scene? Want to work for a start up? Don’t know enough about the start up scene? Make sure you take a look at these 100 start up terms you should know!

    Guide to Finding That Perfect Internship

    Looking for that perfect internship in a start-up? Want to know how to make the most out of your internship experience? Check out our complete guide to finding and experiencing the perfect start-up internship!

    Validating Your Startup Idea

    Do you have a start-up idea? Can’t wait to make it a reality? You have to think carefully before starting your own business – the risks can be huge! Check out these 9 ways to validate your startup idea.

  • Grants For Startups
    Monk's Hill Ventures

    Monk’s Hill Ventures is a partnership of seasoned entrepreneurs who have built and backed global companies based both in Silicon Valley and Asia. We are a venture capital firm investing in post-seed stage tech startups that will take advantage of the fast growing Southeast Asian markets.

    Golden Gate Ventures

    Golden Gate Ventures is an early-stage VC firm in Southeast Asia with over 30 investments across 7 countries. With Founding Partners in Singapore and San Francisco, the firm helps bridge Silicon Valley and Asia through investment, experience, and relationship building.

    East Ventures

    East Ventures aims to bring success to ventures by providing early stage seed capital to promising startups. With a total of 5 offices in Jakarta, Tokyo, and San Fransisco, their global team has invested in over 150 companies across Asia and the US. Our portfolio of companies focuses on commerce, social, game, SAAS, and mobile services.

    Digital Media Partners (DMP)

    DMP is a venture capital firm focused on emerging markets that have recently joined the global digital transformation process. Specifically, they look at the development of the consumer internet and its supporting infrastructure.

    Spring Grants

     SPRING Singapore offers various grants for start ups in their various stages of growth, including grants for first time entrepreneurs.
    A branch of SPRING Singapore, Startup SG represents the shared interests of the local community and showcases Singapore as a world-class startup hub. As the umbrella branding of all local initiatives and support schemes, Startup SG provides entrepreneurs with a launch pad for their development and serves as a platform of connectivity to the global stage.

    Business Angel Network South East Asia (BANSEA)

    Established in 2001, BANSEA is a leading angel investment network promoting the development of the angel investment community in Southeast Asia through educational conferences, workshops, research, networking with angel groups worldwide, contributing to improving the environment and corporate governance system for angel investing, and facilitating the matching of early stage companies with angel investors.

    Incuvest Asia

    IncuVest is a group of successful serial and corporate entrepreneurs with experience starting, building and operating valuable companies.

    They invest in and mentor early stage startup technology companies, supported by their experienced and extensive network of global business contacts.


    Life.SREDA VC — an international FinTech venture capital — has recently relocated to Singapore and is very active in the Asian FinTech space now. It’s one of three independent FinTech-only VC firms in the world that is very famous for successful investments in FinTech global stars, such as Simple, Moven, Fidor, SumUp, Anthemis and others (two of their start-ups – Rocketbank and Knopka – were recently highlighted by Wired magazine in TOP100 hottest startups).

    Coent Venture Partners

    COENT provides seed and venture-stage funding to brilliant entrepreneurs and companies across all sectors in Asia. They back these entrepreneurs and companies with unparalleled support in funding, management, overseas business development and exposure to their network.

  • NUS Enterprise Grants
    Lotus-NUS Fund

    Lotus-NUS Fund provides seed funding for social impact-driven start-ups that are founded by Singaporeans, to accelerate their growth beyond ideation or technology prototyping stage to a stage where they can attract further funding to build a sustainable and scalable venture.

    Check other criteria and eligibility here!

    raiSE VentureForGood Youth grant

    raiSE VentureForGood Youth grant is an initiative set up to provide funding support of up to S$20,000 to youths in developing and implementing their social enterprise ventures that address an apparent social need in Singapore.

    Check other criteria and eligibility here

    Innovation & Entrepreneurship Practicum Award 2017

    Innovation & Entrepreneurship Practicum Award 2017 is an award of up to S$10,000 to help you develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for your cool or innovative idea/product.

    Check other criteria and eligibility here

    Philip Yeo Innovation Fellows Programme

    Philip Yeo Innovation Fellows Programme supports individuals who has their own MAD (Make A Difference) project/ idea with funding, mentorship, access to business incubation services and opportunities to attend networking events and other activities.

    Check other criteria and eligibility here

  • Resources We Offer

    Internships / Jobs with Startups

    Looking for a job or internship with a start up? Want to immerse yourself in the start up scene? Check out some of the resources we have listed here to help you find your dream internship or job!


    Do you have an idea for a start up? Would you like to bring your idea to life? Do you know how to start embarking on bringing your idea to reality? We offer you an opportunity to get advice on your idea and/or start up. If you think this is what you need, don’t hesitate to check out what we have here!

    Entrepreneurship News

    Trying to catch up with what is happening in the entrepreneurship scene? Check out our curated summaries of some of the news from various resources here. We also have such news on our Facebook page. We have included information about our events so you won’t miss out on the exciting things happening!

    Entrepreneurial Events

    Are you interested in entrepreneurship? Do you want to meet like-minded peers and network with them? Visit our page here where we have summarised the events that we organise. Don’t forget to sign up for them if you are interested!

    Flagship events include the annual Global Entrepreneurs’ Conference and the NEST Boot Camp!


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