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We offer various materials to cater to your entrepreneurial needs. Whether you are just starting to find out about entrepreneurship, or you are already in a start up, we have materials available for you!

Starting Out?

Common Start Up Terms

Starting out in exploring the start-up scene? Want to work for a start up? Don’t know enough about the start up scene? Make sure you take a look at these 100 start up terms you should know!

Resources We Offer!

Entrepreneurship News

Trying to catch up with what is happening in the entrepreneurship scene? Check out our curated summaries of some of the news from various resources here. We also have such news on our Facebook page. We have included information about our events so you won’t miss out on the exciting things happening!

Entrepreneurial Events

Are you interested in entrepreneurship? Do you want to meet like-minded peers and network with them? Visit our page here where we have summarised the events that we organise. Don’t forget to sign up for them if you are interested!

Flagship events include the annual Global Entrepreneurs’ Conference and the NEST Boot Camp!


Do you have an idea for a start up? Would you like to bring your idea to life? Do you know how to start embarking on bringing your idea to reality? We offer you an opportunity to get advice on your idea and/or start up. If you think this is what you need, don’t hesitate to check out what we have here!

Internships / Jobs with Startups

Looking for a job or internship with a start up? Want to immerse yourself in the start up scene? Check out some of the resources we have listed here to help you find your dream internship or job!


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