The Social Oven

Thank you for making The Social Oven 2017 a success. We hope to see you next year.

What is The Social Oven?

It’s a 3D2N camp that aim to foster enthusiasm and increase awareness among students about social enterprise’s impact on Singapore society.

As a nation and as a people, are we not each other’s keeper – the true measure of a society is in the way it aids its underprivileged.

From NUS Entrepreneurship Society (NES) comes The Social Oven, an inaugural 3D2N event that aims to empower and inspire aspiring social innovators of our generation. Organized by the recently established Social Enterprise Division of NES, The Social Oven features prominent local social changemakers as keynote speakers, workshops and an opportunity to kickstart your very own social-based idea.

JOIN US! as we discuss the social issues we face as a nation, equip social innovators with hard skills to build their social enterprise and set our minds onto building a more inclusive society.

Event Highlights

Day 1

Talks by Keynote Speakers
Forum and Discussions with Singapore’s homegrown social entrepreneurs

Day 2

Empathy workshop by Society Staples
Ideation, Validation and Refinement workshop by UNFRAMED
Opportunities for pitching of ideas as a Social Entrepreneur/Intrapreneur

Keynote Speakers


Debra Lam

Co-Founder, Society Staples

Together with Ryan Ng, Debra is the co-founder of Society Staples, a social enterprise focused on building a more inclusive society in which every Person with Disability (PwD) is able to maximize his or her potential and be accepted as integral members of society.


Cai Yinzhou

Founder, Geylang Adventures

Cai Yinzhou is the founder of Geylang Adventures, a social enterprise with a focus on changing social norms and perceptions. They have organized events such as Back Alley Barbers, an initiative that offers free haircuts to migrant workers and the poor.


Anthea Ong

Founder, Hush Tea Bar

Anthea is a social entrepreneur and founder of Hush Tea Bar, a movement that melds together Anthea’s passion for meditation and inclusivity of the deaf. Anthea is also a Chairperson for WINGS, an NGO aimed at empowering ageing women, founder of the Good Food Org and a certified yoga instructor.


Ashwin Subramaniam

Co-Founder, Gone Adventurin’

Ashwin is a social entrepreneur passionate about bringing together brands, sustainability and social change through authentic stories and community engagement. He firmly believes that businesses and brands have a huge business opportunity in tackling some of the pressing social and environmental challenges facing the world today.


  • This was a very valuable sharing session for me. A big thank you to Ken and Mr Koh.

    This was amazing. Mr Koh and Mr Chua both had strong messages and inspiring stories to share. I think we got more than what we expected from this panel discussion!

    Good insights from industry!

    Many thought provoking stance and a wonderful experience hearing them share.

    Both speakers were very direct and provided very practical advice. They also did not sugar coat the difficulties they faced and I thought that was very good. The content was also very interesting and inspirational.

    Very insightful and thought-provoking to learn about their journeys and hear their perspectives.

    — Panel Discussion: Navigating the Seas as a Social Enterprise with Koh Seng Choon (Dignity Kitchen) and Ken Chua (theseabilities),
  • Eye-opening, insightful! I really like what Ryan said. What we went through was just 5 mins of a disability but some people have gone through it for a long time.

    The experience was very fulfilling and this was one of the highlights of the session.

    The activity was insightful and engaging.

    A lot of fun, the timing to conduct it after earlier talks and workshops served as a good break.

    — Disability Simulation Workshop by Society Staples,
  • It was lovely to hear her experiences, and even get to experience the Hush Tea Bar for ourselves. The Tea-Ristas are indeed such wonderful people. They were a joy to meet.

    It was eye opening and interesting especially to learn the model behind her enterprise.

    She was very inspirational!

    — Keynote Session with Anthea Ong (Hush Tea Bar),
  • She was very lively and direct. She also provided a different point of view on social entrepreneurship which I thought was good.

    Her very honest sharings were very interesting and insightful!

    Ms Debra is very real and descriptive, allowing us to gain insight on some more technical aspects of the industry and what it takes to manage the non-creative side of the enterprise. An excellent keynote session!

    Interesting perspective from a young social entrepreneur

    — Keynote Session with Debra Lam (Society Staples),
  • The most interesting and also valuable part of this workshop was the part where we got to “interview” the other group members about our idea: I enjoyed and learned a lot from that process.

    — Team Alignment, Shared Vision and Customer Discovery Workshop by UNFRAMED,
  • Mr Cai and Mr Manas displays great passion that inspires youth like us, giving us confidence that even though we lack age, we can still make an impact in the society through innovative ways.

    — Panel Discussion: ‘The Power of Youth – Can Youth Change the World?’ by Cai Yinzhou (Geylang Adventures) and Manas Punhani (SDI Academy),

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